04 DIY-shop
Don't buy it!
Do it yourself

04.1 CD2000: full album
04.2 Ngazz-sampler
04.3 Long biography
04.4 Ngazzokah Pendant
04.5 Ngazzokah Ring

04.0 About DIY-shop


04.5 Ngazzokah-Ring

Ring of bandlogo made in silver.
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04.4 Ngazzokah-Pendant

Pendant of bandlogo made in gold.
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04.3 The fabulous life of ngazzokah

Long version of our biography in print (.pdf)
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04.2 Ngazz-sampler

Live audio-promo and short biography with Do-It-Yourself artwork.
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04.1 CD2000

“Dis–tractions in Splashfunk” is the first and full-length album by Ngazzokah (2000).
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04.0 ABOUT The diy-shop

We are first and foremost interested in making our music and ideas accessible to the public. That's why we offer you some items for free through our website.

We have several different products that you can download from our site. The downloads are focused around the music, but you can also download our biography, artwork and merchandise.


what do you have to do to do it yourself:
  1. Download the files you need.
  2. Follow the instructions (feel free to customize them to your own likes).
  3. Show us the results by sending us an e-mail (with a photo). You can send it to: demo@ngazzokah.org