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07.1 info & booking
07.2 mailinglist
07.3 Sampler: demo & bio
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07.1 Info & booking:

If you want to know more about Ngazzokah, please contact Bram Stoeken:

T: +31 (0) 6 147 111 99
E: info@ngazzokah.org


07.2 Mailinglist:

If you want to be informed about live-performances, CD-recordings, site updates and other events of Ngazzokah, please send an e-mail to: mailinglist@ngazzokah.org


07.3 Sampler: audioDEMO AND BIOGRAPHY:

A demo of Ngazzokah can be fully downloaded here.The demo contains an audiosampler and Do-It-Yourself Artwork. It's also possible to download only the audio sampler.

- SamplerENG.zip (15,6 MB)
- audiosampler.mp3 (12,9 MB)


A real (non-virtual) demo

If you don't have a broadband-connection or you don't have the patience to download the sampler, but you still want to receive a demo, please send your adress and telephone-number to: demo@ngazzokah.org



If you have seen us live or listened to our music you can post your review. Leave your message here and inform others about your own musical activities.

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